Goodbye Year 2007!

Year 2008 has started so you might think that this topic is a bit late.Well, just 14 days late.These are the highlights of the positive and negative events that happened to me in year 2007.

January: Parents of my students informing me of their satisfaction with my teaching prowess in a parent-teacher conference

February:My birthday lands on February. A celebration with my Aussie and South African colleagues, whereas,each of us took down a 5 liter-jug of Heineken beer!There is no need for an elaborate explanation for this month is always the best!

March: The grandest shopping I’ve ever done.The things I bought weren’t even for myself. They were for my family,relatives,friends and best friends.

April: Grand reunion of classmates,friends and best friends;A friendly date with my first ever girlfriend after 7 years.

May: 3 day vacation to Chang and Yhor island,East of Thailand.

June: Bought my computer notebook.

July: Had moved to a new apartment that offers free internet connection 24/7; IMAX experience (Hary Potter and the Order of Phoenix)

August: Had my haircut.You might ask what is so special here. I only get a haircut once a year.

September: Sports Day! Basked under the mercy of the Sun from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Have I mentioned that I got burnt?

October: Singapore trip with my Mom.Expensive,but worth the money.

November: Broke after the Singapore trip.

December: Got drunk and wasted. It was the loneliest Christmas I’ve ever experienced.

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