Tiyanak in the Philippines

I borrowed a 12-in-1 DVD from my co-teacher. It is a compilation of so-called Filipino horror movies. I did not steal some money from the producers and artists. I am not a criminal. I only borrowed that DVD.My DVD collections are originals.

I immediately played “Sukob” by Kris Aquino and Claudine Barreto. The premise is very Filipino. It is about our belief that siblings can’t get married in the same year. This makes the movie original. I was enjoying the movie until I saw “Sadako the second” from the movie, “The Ring”. A ghost of a girl with a long black girl. I told myself that ,it happens that the ghost is also girl with a long black hair just like Sadako. As usual, victims die one by one, then comes Wendell Ramos who plays as Kris’s husband. He is drying up his gorgeous body when the ghost pops in the window and CRAWL inside the house. Yes! Crawl just like what Sadako does. I have no doubt that the ghost is Sadako!

Moving on to “Ouija”, it stars Judy Ann Santos, Jolina Magdangal , Izza Calzado, and a newbie named Rhian Ramos. I liked the first few minutes of the movie. There are scenes that show the beauty of Camiguin and the famous underwater cemetery there. Acting wise, the four actresses did great. Story and originality wise, I believe that “Ouija” is one of those movies that have no story or originality At all. How dare Judy Ann and Jolina to accept that movie? How dare them? To sum up my review of this film, the title of this movie should be “The Ring: Filipino Remake”

Gellie de Belen’s Tiyanak is one of my favourite Filipino horror movies so I was happy when I found out that there will be  a sequel movie starring our new young actors and actresses. The movie starts with Ana Roces getting killed (suggestive). Ana Roces is hotter and more beautiful after so many years. There are big changes with tiyanak’s profile. Tiyanaks can now grow and even have mothers. There are water, land, and air tiyanaks. The water tiyanak looks like the predator’s daughter. The air tiyanak can fly and possibly will become a manananggal when she reaches puberty. The only part of the movie that is worth praising is the special effects. It didn’t suck! However, the old Tiyanak movie didn’t incorporate any CGI effects, but came out pretty well and scary. My favourite scene is the part whereas, Lotlot is hunting down the tiyanak with a shotgun. By golly, Sadako was nowhere to be seen.

If I were a director, I will make a movie about Sadako, geting out of a TV Screen to hunt down all those Sadako wannabes from other films.

Who wants to watch that movie?    

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