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February 25, 2008

Last night, I went out alone for a relaxing walk. After an hour of walking and observing people doing their daily/nightly activities, I decided to eat at Subway Sandwich. I ordered a 6-inch Turkey breast sandwich, medium-sized Pepsi and Tasto Potato chips. When I got my order, I saw the latest broadsheet at the counter for customers to read. I grabbed it.Eating always gives me a blissful feeling. Yup! I love to eat and I respect food. I eat what ever food is served in front of me no matter how bad it is. Except Dinuguan or Blood soup or a very spicy dish. So far, there is only one incident that I turned down a dish served. It was Pad Siew, a sautéed flat noodle, in Bangkok.  My tolerance for spicy food is higher compare to other Manilenos and probably Bicolanos, but this noodle dish was so hot, I could feel the ramblings in my stomach. Mentally, I could it eat. Physically or physiologically, I couldn’t!

After reading the headlines, I opened the newspaper to editorial section. To my horror and disgust, I read “WORLD HUNGER: The Philippine President has asked Vietnam to secure an undisclosed amount of rice”. This news article ruined my night of relaxation. The last time I know, the Philippines is an agricultural country. And now, it is the world’s largest importer of rice!

Two weeks ago, President Arroyo said “I am a good economist, but a bad politician”. Excuse me, Madam President,  begging for rice from other countries is not a sign of a healthy economy. Countries that export rice like Malaysia, China, India, and Thailand (World’s number 1 exporter) have implemented drastic measures for the sake of their own population due to  a growing demand for rice.

Was this act made by our President for our own sake also?

What the Philippines need is a true agricultural revolution!

The Philippines having the  famous Banaue Rice Terraces is ironic. Having the International Rice Research Institute is pathetic!


Ode to my Backpack

February 9, 2008

This article is dedicated to my Camelbak rip-off backpack,  my companion for 7 years. It is a gift from my mountaineer sister. The brand is Camelbak,but I know that this is just a rip-off.Hahaha. She got it from a close friend who owns a mountaineering gadgets shop in University of the Philippines.Yes, it is pirated,but is on par with the original one. She has been supportive with my outdoor hobby for she is a good mountaineer. She has been invited to join fed climbs all throughout the country. I am a scouter so you always find me camping or hiking with my fellow scouters. It was given to me when I was in my 2nd year college.

My backpack is just a daypack,but I use it for 2 or 3-day climb. Thanks to my good packing skill.Its colour is what I just like, a combination of blue and black. It has been my school bag since  college up to now.Where has it been? Bulacan, Baguio, Pangasinan, Quezon, Batangas, Subic, Zambales, Thailand,Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore.It never fails to keep my things safe,clean and  comfortable to carry. In those places, it never gotten any tear. Then came my miniature pinscher dog. Yes,he bit and tore it just like what he did to my camera charger,3 pairs of slippers, 3 5 – meter long extension wires, 1 pair of shoes, passport, hot iron cord, and so on. My legendary backpack is still usable. I will still be using it even though  I just bought a new bag. I have a new backpack that I bought to serve as a gift for myself. It is Compass 3-in-1 by High Sierra. It stands 29 inches and the colour is blue and gray. It can be carried in 3 ways which is awesome, but I have yet to see it stand the test of mother nature just like how she tested my old daypack.

To my black and blue backapack,I will never forget you.You will always stay in my heart.