Last night, I went out alone for a relaxing walk. After an hour of walking and observing people doing their daily/nightly activities, I decided to eat at Subway Sandwich. I ordered a 6-inch Turkey breast sandwich, medium-sized Pepsi and Tasto Potato chips. When I got my order, I saw the latest broadsheet at the counter for customers to read. I grabbed it.Eating always gives me a blissful feeling. Yup! I love to eat and I respect food. I eat what ever food is served in front of me no matter how bad it is. Except Dinuguan or Blood soup or a very spicy dish. So far, there is only one incident that I turned down a dish served. It was Pad Siew, a sautéed flat noodle, in Bangkok.  My tolerance for spicy food is higher compare to other Manilenos and probably Bicolanos, but this noodle dish was so hot, I could feel the ramblings in my stomach. Mentally, I could it eat. Physically or physiologically, I couldn’t!

After reading the headlines, I opened the newspaper to editorial section. To my horror and disgust, I read “WORLD HUNGER: The Philippine President has asked Vietnam to secure an undisclosed amount of rice”. This news article ruined my night of relaxation. The last time I know, the Philippines is an agricultural country. And now, it is the world’s largest importer of rice!

Two weeks ago, President Arroyo said “I am a good economist, but a bad politician”. Excuse me, Madam President,  begging for rice from other countries is not a sign of a healthy economy. Countries that export rice like Malaysia, China, India, and Thailand (World’s number 1 exporter) have implemented drastic measures for the sake of their own population due to  a growing demand for rice.

Was this act made by our President for our own sake also?

What the Philippines need is a true agricultural revolution!

The Philippines having the  famous Banaue Rice Terraces is ironic. Having the International Rice Research Institute is pathetic!

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2 Comments on “Rice…rice…rice!”

  1. wanderer Says:

    i also read and heard this news. tsk tsk! now, i just wonder where is that good economy the president kept on bragging about.

    excuse moi political stand. hehehe.

  2. pinoyrocks Says:

    Good economy my ass!

    Filipinos should not be fooled by the rising peso. Dollar is weaker against every currency in the world.

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