Just like the movie, Hostel

I had a nightmare last night. It was so creepy and gory, I nearly puke on my bed. I dreamt of this deranged guy who likes to inflict pain and rape children. He is good-looking and  has short blond hair. He is stocky and looks like on his early 30’s.

In my dream, I am looking through a fence made of steel. It is similar to jail bars. He is holding a very young boy. The boy is wearing a yellow shirt and a pair of red shorts. The boy is crying and screaming for help, but I just can’t move or do anything to help him. To my horror, the pedophile brings the boy to the fire. He is making me watch him as he toast the boy’s lower legs on fire. He looks at me and smiles.  After a while, the monstrous guy takes a knife and scraps the burnt muscles off the boy’s leg. He keeps on scraping until the leg bone shows up.

Then I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep. I had a lot of nightmares, but this one is definitely the scariest.

Calling all dream catchers, dream interpreters, or dream analysts (if there are). Your analysis is solicited.

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2 Comments on “Just like the movie, Hostel”

  1. erma Says:

    hi, i am no expert on dreams nor studied special courses in dream reading however, as i go back to your dream, the thoughts that come to mind are the following:

    – you must have characters in your life who would like to ask for your action… maybe someone is so in love with you but doesn’t have the guts to let you know in any way.

    – the boy represents probably the innocence of the feelings…

    – the slashing might be representing the hurt he/she feels because she/he cant do anything to let you know..


    just giving thoughts.. take care and whatever it is… enjoy life and the possibilities 🙂


  2. Pinoy Says:

    Erma, really? Thanks for the interpretation. Actually, I know a lot (hehehe) of people like me, but I never really thought that they would give me nightmares.Hahaha!


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