Jomtien Beach, Pattaya, Thailand

This is from my Friendster blog dated March 15, 2006.

I’m back and I’m black. I was in Pattaya for an overnight with Bing, Beth, Chris and Kat. We headed to the beach just to see a swarm of old foreigners.They were all old males. If my memory serves me right, I only saw three foreign women and one male about my age, and all our oldies. I don’t have anything against them. The beach is just full of them. Aside from the oldies, there are so many male gay prostitutes at that beach. No women prostitutes at all.You can see humpings everywhere! Please don’t comment on this blog that I’m homophobic or discriminating, I’m just telling you what I experienced there. I’m not against gays, lesbians, and even prostitutions! This blog is under the category – blabbermouth; wanderlust.

We arrive at the beach at around 1 PM, then ate lunch in a small eatery, then took some pictures. I was sitting in a chair, my plan was to swim at around 3:30, because I really don’t want to get burned, but the call of the beach was really powerful! I hit the beach like it was my first time to swim at the see. Well, that was really my first after last year.I remembered my trip at Lingayen, pangasinan with my best friends. We really had fun there. The beach is an average type, but the presence of my friends made the trip fantastic and memorable.Back to Pattaya, Thailand, the water in the shower was blasting on my skin. You don’t even need to use soap for the water was so powerful, it would remove anything on your skin be it moles, hairs, pimples. I swear some of my hairs were pulled! The shower is like a fire truck’s hose but stronger.

I have experienced being cannoned by the fire truck’s hose twice. One was in a camping at Marikina with my best friends. We just got out of the muddy obstacle course and the last course was taking a bath under the fire truck’s mercy. The other one was in the anti-Erap rally (SONA) at PHILCOA, Quezon City. The police force used water cannon to pacify the rallyist.And it wasn’t an excellent act so the police resorted to throwing rocks on us, which was really effective because I ran with my backpack covering my head. My point is the shower at that beach was more painful than fire truck’s water cannon.I wasn’t hurt by those water cannons but that killing shower at that beach really did.

For the night, we went to the infamous “Walking Street”. Lots of bars, night clubs, stores, and of course, prostitutes! There are thousands and thousands of foreigners but the numbers of men, women, gay prostitutes are more than the numbers of foreigners. The “walking street” is like a big sex city! I don’t even know what’s with the name “Walking street”. I think, the “Sex City” would suit perfectly.

Back now in Bangkok, I just bought some albums; Alanis Morisette the collection, Best of BlackEyedPeas, Keane, and a compilation of best love songs (debatable). I searched for BIlly Corgan’s “Zwan” and “The Best of Jewel” albums but wasn’t succesful. 

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9 Comments on “Jomtien Beach, Pattaya, Thailand”

  1. William Says:

    Sure thing! I’ll add you up too in my blog. BTW, Thanks for dropping by.

  2. gie Says:

    ill be glad if youll add me. thanks for the visit. adding you too 🙂

  3. pinoyrocks Says:

    WIlliam and Gie, thanks for dropping by! I have added you to my links already!

  4. bomberoking Says:

    salamat sa pag dalaw sa…
    link me..!
    i’ll link you back..!
    i agree..!
    ramielle seems to be out of focus lately..!
    baka na apektuhan noong scandal niya..!
    sana naka bawi siya this week..! 🙂

  5. wanderer Says:

    if you haven’t requested my comments to be openend for all users. i wouldn’t be able to know that only user could post a comment. im so stupid about this things. hehehe.

    haven’t been in thailand. but definitely its one on the top of my list. in a way, i tend to think thailand and the philippines are similar in many ways.

  6. Pinoysrock! Says:

    BomberoKing, thanks for the link.I haven added you to my blogroll already.

    Wanderer, really? You seem to have tons of fans anyway even if your blog is not open to everyone.

    Thailand is nice.People are happy. They are very hospitable like us.

  7. LUTCHi Says:

    Not related to the post….just wanna say Happy St. Paddy’s Day

  8. LUTCHi Says:

    added this blog in my BLOGROLL…please do add mine here and Buzz me.

  9. Pinoy Says:

    Lutchi, thanks for the greeting and the visit. I have added you already!

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