Diet Time


Aren’t those pictures looking delicious? I love to cook on weekends. Those two are some of my favourites. I cooked them.

My weight usually ranges from 71 to 73 kilos. After December and January, it soared to 78. I was shopping for food items when I passed by the sport section. I saw some weighing scales and grabbed one. Upon stepping and seeing 78 kilos, I immediately took another scale thinking the first one was just busted. The second one registered the same 78 kilos. I tried another one and to my chagrin, it showed 78 kilos again!

Now, my fridge is full of lettuce, cucumber, fruit juice, and tomatoes. I am drinking my third cup of green tea right now as I type this post. This is what I cooked for my dinner tonight. Vegetables!


Wish me luck!


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8 Comments on “Diet Time”

  1. bluedreamer Says:

    yummy yummy can i have some hhehe

  2. tsunami Says:

    Yeah! The food looks really delicious. You know my husband loves to cook also. More power to your blog.

    Comment ka naman sa blog ko….

  3. Pinoy Says:

    Bluedreamer, once again,thanks for the visit. Sure,you can have some.

    Tsunami, thanks for the compliment. I’ll visit your blog!

  4. caca Says:

    sarap naman, picture pa lang. good for you, you can cook, me i can only eat. hehehe! 🙂

  5. gie Says:

    Good Luck! veggies are really good! im a veggie eater too!

    thanks for supporting my cause 🙂

  6. wanderer Says:

    if you’ll cook me these dishes i wouldn’t surprise if i’ll gain weight.t hese looks delicious, dude. nagutom tuloy ako bigla

  7. Pinoy Says:

    Caca, can’t you fried egg?

    Gie, are you a full-pledge vegan?

    Wanderer, have some!

    Thanks for the visit!


    hopping and checking.

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