Earth Hour

Global Warming is happening. When these preachers are saying that the end of the world is near,I say YES, it is coming. The world is going to melt in time. Let’s say 30 years from now.  You know why? It is not because some Messiah is going to show up and actualize what is said in the Bible. Apocalypse is happening. Abnormal climate and weather, rising oceans, melting of Arctic ice caps, increasing global temperature and the list goes on and on.

In the Philippines, it is not just Global Warming, it is also about pollution. We have every type of pollution, from noise to water to land. Destruction of tropical rainforest and marine ecosystem is a fact in our country. I can name every environmental problem we have, but it would just ruin my day.

If Global Warming is too big for you to stop, think of your own easy way to help reduce the garbage we produce every year. Be not one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. These are my simple acts that reduce the trash I produce in a year.

1.  I bring old plastic bags when buying grocery items. I often ask the bagger not to use too many plastic for my items. And if it just a small thing like a toothbrush of lip balm, I just put it in my pocket.

2.  I avoid eating at restaurants that use Styrofoam plates and plastic spoons and forks. When I do, I bring them home and re-use them again.  When I put these Styrofoam products in my bag, I just ignore the humiliating looks I get from other customers.

3.  I use scrap paper from the office as memo and note reminder. Yes, those stationeries look cute and smell damn good as well, but it is the content of the memo that matters.  

4.  I use old notebooks.

5.  I give away my old bags, shoes and clothes.

6.  I buy products in big size. A 200 ml shampoo is more economical than 25 pieces of 8 ml shampoo. You are wasting more time, energy and effort every time you go out and buy a sachet.  And it will take the Earth 10 to 15 years to break those 25 sachets down. And don’t forget that you are only one of those hundreds of people buying 25 sachets every month. Do the multiplication and be horrified with the amount of trash we produce by using shampoo alone.

7.  Reduce, re-use, recycle, refuse, and RE-THINK. Before buying something, think if you really need it. I do these simple things to help.  


The Earth Hour 

Why not start on the 29th of March? A global event is happening. It is called “Earth Hour”.  It started as a local campaign to increase the awareness of global warming in Sydney, Australia last year.  This social activism reduced Australia’s energy consumption by more than 10 %.Now, it is a global event. Countries are joining.

On the 29th of March, 2008, turn off your lights for an hour at 8.00. P.M.

Tell your family, friends, and everyone you know about it.

Blog about it just what The Meliorist did.

Be a part of history! 

So when the “apocalypse” reach us 25 years from now, and the Philippine islands are starting to sink one by one and we are all drowning, I can tell myself that I did my part. Did you? 

For more information visit 

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20 Comments on “Earth Hour”

  1. mapi Says:

    i totally agree. i do number 4 and number 5. little things help a lot in fighting pollution and stuff. we should be responsible and disciplined enough to throw our trash properly.

  2. Thaistory Says:

    You’re in my Filipino Blogroll!

  3. Thaistory Says:

    You’re in my other Filipino Blogroll too!

  4. gie Says:

    WOW! So Amazing! God bless more a person like you who cares a lot for environment.

    I’ll be joining the event.


  5. Anino Says:

    Earth Hour na bukas!

  6. Pinoy Says:

    Mapi, glad to know a beautiful girl like you is aware! Join the Earth Hour!

    Thaistory, thanks a lot for adding me!I’ll reciprocate the act.


  7. bluedreamer Says:

    hello there gheeeh
    we must be aware to it oh my and its wonderful to know how much you gve awareness gheeeh may God bless all of us have a great day pinoy rocks

  8. gie Says:

    cheers! for the success of the Earth Hour here in the Philippines!

  9. bluedreamer Says:

    hello pinoy rock just visiting you here hope to see you in my blog again have a great day

  10. wanderer Says:

    count me in.well, i think its really about time. people should not just recognize such rather do it as an advocate.


  11. apriL Says:

    wow.. nature lover..:D hmnnn..
    gudthing only few restaurnts these days still using styrofoam.. :D.
    btw.. ll be very happy to receive ur old bags.. hihihihi..

    thnx for visitin my site… tecee..

  12. Lionheart Says:

    I love nature!

    Lets adventure!

  13. Pinoy Says:

    Bluedreamer27, thanks for the visit! I’ll see you at your site. Aren’t you going to post your Top 5 most polluted country?

    Gie, cheers!

    Wanderer, it sucks that big countries that pollute the most (like the US) doesn’t want to sign the Kyoto Protocol.

    April, only fast food use styros. Eating on plates is FABULOUS.

  14. bomberoking Says:

    nakonsensaya naman ako..!
    mag re-recycle na rin ako..!
    i agree..!
    dapat nang pangalagaan ang ating kalikasan..!
    now na..!
    before it’s too late..!

  15. marc Says:

    added ur link, hope u add mine.. tnx godbless..

  16. monica Says:

    that is so right, we have to do something before it’s too late that we switch back to the cretaceous period-like environment– scares the crap out of me. care to exlinks btw? thanks!

  17. blue Says:

    Hi nice site.. care for ex link? hope u can add my link to ur list.. tnx and godbless

  18. sanyata Says:

    ever since I watched “An Inconvenient Truth” I’ve wanted to do something tangible to help. Thanks for this. Now I know what I can do.

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