Frilly Silly Messages



Your eyes aren’t fooling you. There aren’t any optical illusion here. My inbox really has 1884 messages. Not to mention another thousand in the “sent” folder.

I used to be captious. I find fault on just everything too readily.

Since I become a part of employment sector of this country, that negative trait just went away.

No matter how cool I want to be in any situation,  there are still circumstances that make my blood boil. In my case, receiving frilly messages just like this one.

“Nxa n if knuha me ung # u s pwenz me.”

As far as I know, you make some alterations only if:

1. You are in a hurry. I am not being unequivocal here. You are forgiven if you are in a commotion.  

2. You are in a cab or in a place where the situation makes texting  physically challenging.  My phone sports  a touch screen keypad so  I only use text speak whenever I am in a moving vehicle.

3. There isn’t enough space and you still have 3 or 4 more words to tell the receiver. It is called stretching your load.

The sender of the message above was clearly neither in a hurry nor in a difficult situation. She wanted a text mate.

Here is another one.

“Its tym 2 eat lnch n p0h mglnch n poh ikw msama p0h mgpLpAz ng gt0m. Tc oWiz!”

Text speak is understandable for me. A frilly message such as this one is a big NO-NO!

,.ndE scEnd poh Un,xE ilA2gAy qO xA fr!EndztEr un s0ng nA wAnnA bE,,n0od xE mhE ng myx…..nUh ul!t Un Ask m0h.?

Do I have to tell you that I stopped replying to her messages already? Well, I didn;t know what to reply. I couldn’t figure out what her message was.

My phone fell for the 19th time if my memory serves me right. And it’s busted now. Finding the right cellphone for me is such a big task. There are thousands of mobile phones out there and I can’t just grab one as what other people can easily do. Buying something has always been a daunting task for me. From a bottle of cooking oil to a pair of shoes. So far, I narrowed down my choices to Motorola RAZR2 V9, Motorola Z10, and Motorola E8. Your help will be highly appreciated.

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9 Comments on “Frilly Silly Messages”

  1. lifestartsnow Says:

    wondered: who sends you those messages? someone who doesn’t care if you understand them???

  2. william Says:

    yeah yeah.. wahaha mobile phone dilemma. Been a while that ive been bloghopping.. It seems you have chismis section now here LOL anyways, make the right choice with the three – i cant recommend any. I hate Motorola phones. With the experience I had with my V3i, Motorola has now become a nightmare from the past LOL sorry for that hehe

  3. Hi!

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    We’d be thrilled if you and everyone reading your blog can drop by and shop with us.

    Thanks! 😉

  4. Elliot Says:

    You’ve been tagged. A Tag for All Filipinos!The 2008 Miss Universe comes to Vietnam for a night of stars and glamour in search of the most beautiful woman in the world! The winner for Best National Costume will be decided by online votes.

  5. rimewire Says:

    grabe naman un


    tlgang ayaw mung mgbura ng msg ah




  6. luisbatchoy Says:

    pa gamit ng sample texts mo ha. Link kita sa post. Meron ksi akong post about texting eh..bisita ka sa blog ko..tnx

  7. brotherutoy Says:

    i got here by clicking through eloiski’s blogroll and i must say i really liked your posts. The untold pinoy stories sounded like they were told by Quijano de Manila himself. plus, i share the same sentiments on text language and, yes, Janina San Miguel.
    i might visit here again.
    God bless!

  8. Pinoy Says:

    Thanks a lot, BrotherUtoy! The complement is appreciated. It makes me want to blog again. As you noticed, my blog is dying. I’ll link you!

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