Oldies but goodies

These are my super vintage Converse shoes. They are more or less 7 years old. My brother handed them to me after a year. I am the youngest in the family hence the hand-me down tradition is on my shoulders.  If my memory serves me right, they’ve been serving me for 6 years now.

7 years old

7 years old


When will I be washed?


My friends and officemates get mortified whenever they see me on these shoes. However, I have met a few foreigners who actually find my Chuck Taylor cool. I am still not planning to wash them. I have this fascination with old, rusty things and History. Once, my sister wanted to wash these antiquated footwear, but I hid them.  

The answer is “No, you will not be washed.”

Instead, I bought a new pair!

Orange anyone?

Orange anyone?


So, how old are yours?

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4 Comments on “Oldies but goodies”

  1. Pinoy Says:

    Thanks for the comment,Luis. I can’t open your *scandalous blog in my workplace.

  2. eloiski Says:

    wawa namn yung old na shoes!

    anyways, ang ganda ng bago shoes!


    wala akong ganyan eh!
    can’t afford!

  3. Pinoyrocks! Says:

    Eloiski, thanks for the visit. I got them for only 500!

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