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Push that Bloody Chun-li Movie

February 27, 2009

I’ve seen 3 movies these past 2 weeks so I thought that giving them a short bird-s eye review (for the lack of a better term) would be fine and probably helpful for others who are contemplating in watching one of these movies.



The poster says “A New Evolution of Hero” yet it fails to bring any thing new to the mutant/superhuman department. Every element of a superhero film is present: some mutants, a secret government organization who wants to control these freaks of nature, and a mishap. Upon leaving the cinema, I was scratching my head and asking myself “Where is the evolution there?” It is probably the world’s most boring film and it is an ACTION MOVIE. It definitely dethroned Lurmahn’s “Eyes Wide Shut”. Simply put-Totally forgettable.

Verdict: Do not even buy a pirated copy of this movie.

My Bloody Valentine 3D


This is a remake of the 1981 movie of the same title which I happened to see as well. The original had some creepy scenes such as the dead body in a fridge, the human heart being cooked with sausage, and the bar owner’s death scene. In the 2009 remake, I entered the theater with an assumption that this remake will suck because in the mind of a self-respecting horror movie fan, there are only few remakes who manage to exceed their originals. Obviously, I was wrong because My Bloody Valentine 3D is actually scary and entertaining. The death scenes are gory and just fantastic!!! Kerr Smith and the veteran actors (oldies) did a good job in the acting department. As with every slasher-film, there are stupid scenes but not enough to annoy you. Finally, thanks to the gratious director who cleverly used the 3D technology which sealed the deal.

Verdict: Horror fans will surely like it.


Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-li

I followed the development of this film for almost a year. I entered forums, movie review sites and even Youtube and the consensus is: It will suck. The list of reasons was long which includes not casting a Chinese actress and the hilarious movie poster (see the first one below). Chun-li is one of the most popular female characters in the world of video game and she is from China and hence a Chinese. I know a lot about her and other Street Fighter characters as well. Mind you, I’ve been collecting stuff about this video game since I was 12 years old. My Street Fighter cards are all neatly placed in an album but that is not the topic of this blog. I couldn’t remember how many time I scratched my head every time an unfamiliar subplot surfaced. All done under the name of Hollywood and hence perfectly understandable. After accepting those annoying cock-and-bull versions, I found the fight scenes enjoyable. The moves are breath-taking and well-executed. Kudos to Kristine Kreuk for an impressive performance. This might be a bad Street Fighter movie but definitely qualifies as a good action movie.

Verdict: This is a good Street Fighte…err  ACTION movie.

Which is the best poster?

street-fighter-the-legend-of-chun-li-poster  chunposter2

street_fighter_the_legend_of_chun-li_movie_poster1 streetfighter-chun-international_poster2



February 4, 2009

I am a movie buff and hence a regular visitor of For those who are unaware of this site, RT is one of the few trusted movie review sites. I personally think that it is the best. It features just every thing that you want to know about movies. I surf RT before or after checking out a movie. Well, if I am being penurious or in doubt of the movie’s quality, I check out RT. If I watched a certain movie and liked it, I would usually read the views of RTs’ critics. And guess what popped out of my computer screen this week?

A rating of 92 for Serbis

A rating of 92 for Serbis

Serbis is graded 92%!!!

Serbis critique

Only 1 out of 13 critics gave it a rotten tomato!

Serbis Review

It is difficult to get a 70% in RT and Serbis got 92%

Coco Martin, Gina Pareno, Jaclyn Jose

Does that mean it’s on par with The Dark Knight, Kill Bill, Gran Torino, Hotel Rwanda, and the recently shown Taken and Slumdog Millionaire. One reviewer even quoted Serbis as “The Filipinos answer to Slumdog Millionaire.”

Serbis making it to the most prestigious Cannes Film Festival is something to brag about. Jaclyn Jose and Gina Pareno winning top awards in film festivals all over the world is highly commendable. Being graded 92% is just awesomeness to the highest level.

Congratulations to Brillante Mendoza, Gina Pareno, Jaclyn Jose, Coco Martin, Julio Diaz, Kristofer King, Mercedez Cabral and the rest of the casts of Serbis. More power to our Indie Film industry and the Robinson’s Place Indie Cinema as well.

Serbis is truly and proudly Philippine-made.