I am a movie buff and hence a regular visitor of For those who are unaware of this site, RT is one of the few trusted movie review sites. I personally think that it is the best. It features just every thing that you want to know about movies. I surf RT before or after checking out a movie. Well, if I am being penurious or in doubt of the movie’s quality, I check out RT. If I watched a certain movie and liked it, I would usually read the views of RTs’ critics. And guess what popped out of my computer screen this week?

A rating of 92 for Serbis

A rating of 92 for Serbis

Serbis is graded 92%!!!

Serbis critique

Only 1 out of 13 critics gave it a rotten tomato!

Serbis Review

It is difficult to get a 70% in RT and Serbis got 92%

Coco Martin, Gina Pareno, Jaclyn Jose

Does that mean it’s on par with The Dark Knight, Kill Bill, Gran Torino, Hotel Rwanda, and the recently shown Taken and Slumdog Millionaire. One reviewer even quoted Serbis as “The Filipinos answer to Slumdog Millionaire.”

Serbis making it to the most prestigious Cannes Film Festival is something to brag about. Jaclyn Jose and Gina Pareno winning top awards in film festivals all over the world is highly commendable. Being graded 92% is just awesomeness to the highest level.

Congratulations to Brillante Mendoza, Gina Pareno, Jaclyn Jose, Coco Martin, Julio Diaz, Kristofer King, Mercedez Cabral and the rest of the casts of Serbis. More power to our Indie Film industry and the Robinson’s Place Indie Cinema as well.

Serbis is truly and proudly Philippine-made.

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  1. mv Says:

    Your Blog is fantastic, congratulations, I will return more times, drop 🙂 smile 4u

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