Ladies and gentlemen, Bebe Gandanghari

Yummy papa

Yummy papa

So the Philippines is going gaga over Rustom Padilla’s tranformation into Bebe Gandanghari. I wonder why she went to the US for her transformation. It’s uber-expensive, the rigmaroles, and the time only to become like this?

The New Rustom Padilla

The New Rustom Padilla

 Thailand is just 3 hours away. There, it’s cheaper, faster and the result,see for yourself…

Bebe Gandanghari  of the Philippines versus Nong Noang of Thailand.

bebe_gandanghari1Nong Noang Tiffany












Who is sexier?

Bebe GandanghariBebe GandanghariNong Noang










Who is more curvaceous?

Bebe GandanghariNong Noang
















Who is more beautiful?

bb_gandanghariNong Noang










Lastly, who is your winner?

Bebe GandanghariNong Noang










I am the WINNER!

Next opponent,please!

Next opponent,please!

In your dreams, Bebe! You shouldn’t have gone to New York but to Thailand,the “Land of Smiles.”

Nong Noang

Still, I can’t wait to hang out with you at the beach.Let us not squander  our time fighting. Our government are good at it.

So, friends?

So, friends?

I would like to thank the websites where these pics were taken.Manilagayguy and Misterhubs. Bebe’s pics are so rare!

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2 Comments on “Ladies and gentlemen, Bebe Gandanghari”

  1. Agus Ronald Says:

    if you from phillipine, please contact me coz i need a friend.
    thank you

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