What does Malacanang have to say on Maguindanao Massacre?

“I don’t think the President’s friendship with the Ampatuans will be severed,”

                                                                   Lorelei Fajardo

                                                                  Malacañang deputy spokesperson.

Yes,that is right, Lorelei. The friendship between the president and the murderer must not be affected. What are 57 rotting bodies anyway?

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14 Comments on “What does Malacanang have to say on Maguindanao Massacre?”

  1. PetiBurges Says:

    kung rotten bodies kaya yang nakahapag sa boodle fight na yan? kakain pa kaya siya?

  2. Bogcess Says:

    Grabe.. Sana mabigyan na ng justice.

  3. Lawstude Says:

    this made me sick to my stomach…

  4. glentot Says:

    there’s this saying Tell me who your friends are…

  5. dayniel Says:

    I hope that the Maguindanao massacre will be unlock and those evil people who are the cause of this terrible and terrifying killings will be put to jail immediately!!!!! There they will also suffer and face the consequences that they did.
    I’m pretty much sure that this case will be solve and those who are seeking for justice will be attained.

  6. dayniel Says:

    Justice should be given NOW!!!

  7. […] What does Malacanang have to say on Maguindanao Massacre? […]

  8. Ken G. Says:

    Did these people every go to jail?

  9. Phindies Says:

    Why is this blog title “Proudly Philippine Made”. I was expecting to find unique Filipino products.

  10. Pinoy Says:

    Oh,this is written by a Filipino.

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