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What does Malacanang have to say on Maguindanao Massacre?

December 3, 2009

“I don’t think the President’s friendship with the Ampatuans will be severed,”

                                                                   Lorelei Fajardo

                                                                  Malacañang deputy spokesperson.

Yes,that is right, Lorelei. The friendship between the president and the murderer must not be affected. What are 57 rotting bodies anyway?


The Maguindanao Massacre

November 26, 2009

If you haven’t heard of the election violence that happened in the southern part of the Philippines, either you are deaf, blind or disillusioned. If you are the latter, you are not to be blamed. A simple pick-pocketing case right in front of National Bureau of Investigation in broad daylight takes years to be solved if not totally forgotten.

The news is all over the country. From TV to the radio, blogs to newspapers. Every politician who has something to say about the horrific event has appeared on the TV. A state of emergency has been declared. Soldiers have been deployed.

The million-dollar question is…will justice be served?

The equally important answer is… NO FUKCING WAY JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!

What has happened to the following issues?

1. Poor drainage system in Metro Manila which heavily contributed to the flooding.

2. Greenbelt Rolex Store robbery in a high-end shopping mall at noon.

3. Extra-judicial executions.

4. Numerous capsizing cases of ships in just two years most notably the Princess of Stars (more than 800 people aboard were killed).

After the government had uttered the word “Heads will roll.”, these issues have died down and are now gone with the wind.


The latest death toll is now 57. Imagine how many more bodies will be exhumed.

57 dead bodies who will be forgotten after a week or so.


Whenever a politician speaks on TV, I turn away from the screen. Why would I want to hear lies that I have been hearing for more then 20 years?

Do you honestly think that our good-for-talking lawmakers, military and PNP  officials, and so on will do something about this tragedy aside from talking? If you, wake up now and embrace the reality which is NIGHTMARE!

Now, I have started a countdown. I want to know how many days will pass until every body in the country fully forgets the incident. I am guessing it will be 2 weeks. Then Filipinos resume forwarding jokes through their cell phones.

PS: After months, the Chinese government have executed people responsible for the tainted-milk scandal and the ethnic violence in Urumqi, China. Now, that’s what I call “Heads rolling”

Bitag by Tulfo Brothers

April 21, 2009

I have new idols,the Tulfo Brothers.

And before you raise your eyebrows whil screaming “Innocent until proven guilty”,these evil in human forms were caught in the act.

Push that Bloody Chun-li Movie

February 27, 2009

I’ve seen 3 movies these past 2 weeks so I thought that giving them a short bird-s eye review (for the lack of a better term) would be fine and probably helpful for others who are contemplating in watching one of these movies.



The poster says “A New Evolution of Hero” yet it fails to bring any thing new to the mutant/superhuman department. Every element of a superhero film is present: some mutants, a secret government organization who wants to control these freaks of nature, and a mishap. Upon leaving the cinema, I was scratching my head and asking myself “Where is the evolution there?” It is probably the world’s most boring film and it is an ACTION MOVIE. It definitely dethroned Lurmahn’s “Eyes Wide Shut”. Simply put-Totally forgettable.

Verdict: Do not even buy a pirated copy of this movie.

My Bloody Valentine 3D


This is a remake of the 1981 movie of the same title which I happened to see as well. The original had some creepy scenes such as the dead body in a fridge, the human heart being cooked with sausage, and the bar owner’s death scene. In the 2009 remake, I entered the theater with an assumption that this remake will suck because in the mind of a self-respecting horror movie fan, there are only few remakes who manage to exceed their originals. Obviously, I was wrong because My Bloody Valentine 3D is actually scary and entertaining. The death scenes are gory and just fantastic!!! Kerr Smith and the veteran actors (oldies) did a good job in the acting department. As with every slasher-film, there are stupid scenes but not enough to annoy you. Finally, thanks to the gratious director who cleverly used the 3D technology which sealed the deal.

Verdict: Horror fans will surely like it.


Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-li

I followed the development of this film for almost a year. I entered forums, movie review sites and even Youtube and the consensus is: It will suck. The list of reasons was long which includes not casting a Chinese actress and the hilarious movie poster (see the first one below). Chun-li is one of the most popular female characters in the world of video game and she is from China and hence a Chinese. I know a lot about her and other Street Fighter characters as well. Mind you, I’ve been collecting stuff about this video game since I was 12 years old. My Street Fighter cards are all neatly placed in an album but that is not the topic of this blog. I couldn’t remember how many time I scratched my head every time an unfamiliar subplot surfaced. All done under the name of Hollywood and hence perfectly understandable. After accepting those annoying cock-and-bull versions, I found the fight scenes enjoyable. The moves are breath-taking and well-executed. Kudos to Kristine Kreuk for an impressive performance. This might be a bad Street Fighter movie but definitely qualifies as a good action movie.

Verdict: This is a good Street Fighte…err  ACTION movie.

Which is the best poster?

street-fighter-the-legend-of-chun-li-poster  chunposter2

street_fighter_the_legend_of_chun-li_movie_poster1 streetfighter-chun-international_poster2

Philippine FUCKlitics

December 3, 2008

Corruption, graft, traditional politicians, mud-slinging, back-stabbing and I can go on for ages but shall I?

So how fukc up is politics in the Philippines?


Firstly, our politics is fukc up because among all the 13 presidents that the Philippines has seen, there is only ONE who didn’t win due to CIA machinations, it was Elpidio Quirino. You do not need me to expound this, do you?


Secondly, economic plunder (embezzlement of public funds), ambush interviews (surprise interviews), coddling criminals (treating leniently), or mulcting (extorting money from) motorists are just some new English terms which originated from the Philippines.


Thirdly, when I was still in college, I saw Kiko Pangilinan fukced up the Filipinos. The senators had to vote and the result was 10-10. Then he said,


“Your honour, …..Senator (…….) is out but he will vote for YES so that makes it 10-11.”

Kiko Pangilinan, a senator who was supposed to analyze the bill. Scrutinize it whether if it was passed, would do good to the people abandoned the Filipinos. During that moment, he was not a senator who was supposed to work for the masses. He was working for his boss.

Finally, our politics is fukc up because of Eduardo Ermita’s answer during an interview:

Interviewed at the Senate, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said that by numbers alone, the political allies of Malacañang could easily beat the proponents of the impeachment complaint.

“It happens that the allies of Malacanang have the number. They are living up to the alliance (and) that is the essence of having a political alliance,” Ermita told reporters as he welcomed the House decision.

                                                             Amita Legaspi, GMANews.TV


And Ermita said this during an interview. Don’t you just admire his audacity?



Back to Pangilinan’s statement, please notice that he had some subtlety then. After some years, Ermita is now here saying the aforementioned statement. A statement which is more blatant and more shameless than Pangilinan’s. The thought that in 2009 or 2010, being dirty will be a common characteristic of a Filipino politician creeps me out. By that time, any Filipino politician can say “How much will I get if I pass this law?”


After seeing that incident involving Pangilinan, I stopped watching any sessions involving any politicians. Unless I am depress, thus wanting to see monkeys in suits and tie.


I hate my job because it requires me to be aware of current events!!!



Raymond Manalo

November 24, 2008

I stumbled on this article at 8:30 a.m. today. This story is scary enough to be a horror novel. And why the heck is this posted under OPINION?


Read on and be horrified. If these unscrupulous people can do this to a Bulakeno, I can’t grasp the more unimaginable events happening in far-flung areas of the Philippines.


Rebel without a clue

By Patricia Evangelista
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:06:00 11/23/2008

THIS is the story of one Raymond Manalo, farmer, who disappeared on Feb. 14, 2006 with his older brother from their farm in San Ildefonso, Bulacan. Manalo was neither activist nor rebel when he disappeared. He escaped more than two years later. He says there are many, many more like him.

* * *

They put you in a cage four feet by one foot small, the height of an average man. There are hollow blocks to the side and iron grills in front. You sit with three other men, crouched in a line. There is no other way to fit.

Your brother is in the same cell. The door opens, more of them come in. More of them like you—beaten, bruised, helpless. They are put inside the next cell. This time there are two men and a married couple. The woman has burns all over her body. She was raped, they tell you. She was raped and beaten until she soiled herself. They say she has gone mad. They take her away.

This is where you shit, where you piss, where you wash if you still care. You do not feel the wind; you do not see the sun. Your food comes rarely, and what comes is rotten, leftover pig feed. Three men arrive, from Nueva Ecija. They are tortured. One of them has both arms broken. Bleeding.

Sometimes, when the soldiers are drinking, they take you out of your cage and play with you. The game varies, but it is usually the same. Two by fours, chains, an open gardening hose shoved down your nose. You crawl back to your cage, on your hands and knees. You wake up to screaming, to the sound of grown men begging, and you wonder which one it is this time. Sometimes, one of your cellmates will disappear. Sometimes, they don’t come back.

Then they take you away, and there is a doctor, pills, antibiotics, a bed. They tell you they are taking you home to see your parents. You meet the man they call The Butcher, and he tells you to tell your parents not to join the rallies, to stay away from human rights groups, that they would ruin your life and your brother’s. He tells you, this small man in shorts, that if you can only prove you’re on his side now, he would let you and your brother live. He gives you a box of vitamins, and tells you that they are expensive: P35 per pill.

They put a chain around your waist. The military surround your farm. Your mother opens the front door crying, and hugs you. You tell them what you were told to say. You hand them the money Palparan told you to give. Then you are told you must go.

Always, you keep thinking of escape. You make yourself useful, to make them trust you. You cook. You wash cars. You clean. You shop. No task is too menial. And one day, while you sweep the floor, you see a young woman, chained to the foot of a bed. Her name is Sherlyn Cadapan, she tells you, Sports Science, University of the Philippines Diliman, the same Sherlyn who disappeared from Hagonoy, Bulacan on June 26, 2006. She says she has been raped.

Later, you meet Karen Empeño, also from UP, and Manuel Merino, the farmer who rushed to save the two girls when they were abducted. Karen and Sherlyn are in charge of washing the soldiers’ clothes, you and Manuel and your brother Reynaldo wash the car and carry water and cook.

The five of you are taken from camp to camp. You see the soldiers stealing from villagers. You see them bringing in blindfolded captives. You see them digging graves. You see them burning bodies, pouring gasoline as the fire rose. You see them shoot old men sitting on carabaos and see them push bodies into ravines. And in April 2007, you hear a woman begging, and when you are ordered to fix dinner, you see Sherlyn, lying naked on a chair that had fallen on the floor, both wrists and one tied leg propped up.

You see them hit her with wooden planks, see her electrocuted, beaten, half-drowned. You see them amuse themselves with her body, poke sticks into her vagina, shove a water hose into her nose and mouth. And you see the soldiers wives’ watch. You hear the soldiers forcing Sherlyn to admit who it was with plans to “write a letter.” You hear her admit, after intense torture, that it was Karen’s idea. And you see Karen, dragged out of her cell, tied at the wrists and ankles, stripped of her clothing, then beaten, water-tortured, and burned with cigarettes and raped with pieces of wood. And it is you who are ordered to wash their clothes the next day, and who finds blood in their panties.

And you are there, on the night they take away Manuel Merino, when you hear an old man moaning, a gunshot and the red light of a sudden fire.

* * *

The day Raymond Manalo and his brother Reynaldo escaped was the day he promised himself they would pay, all of them who tortured Karen and Sherlyn, who killed so many, who tortured him and his brother until they begged and pleaded. They were pigs, he says, those men were pigs. If he escaped, they told him, and if they couldn’t find him, they would massacre his family. And if they do not answer to the courts here, they will answer to God.

They can still kill him, he says. But even if they do, it is too late. He’s told his story.


Frilly Silly Messages

June 21, 2008



Your eyes aren’t fooling you. There aren’t any optical illusion here. My inbox really has 1884 messages. Not to mention another thousand in the “sent” folder.

I used to be captious. I find fault on just everything too readily.

Since I become a part of employment sector of this country, that negative trait just went away.

No matter how cool I want to be in any situation,  there are still circumstances that make my blood boil. In my case, receiving frilly messages just like this one.

“Nxa n if knuha me ung # u s pwenz me.”

As far as I know, you make some alterations only if:

1. You are in a hurry. I am not being unequivocal here. You are forgiven if you are in a commotion.  

2. You are in a cab or in a place where the situation makes texting  physically challenging.  My phone sports  a touch screen keypad so  I only use text speak whenever I am in a moving vehicle.

3. There isn’t enough space and you still have 3 or 4 more words to tell the receiver. It is called stretching your load.

The sender of the message above was clearly neither in a hurry nor in a difficult situation. She wanted a text mate.

Here is another one.

“Its tym 2 eat lnch n p0h mglnch n poh ikw msama p0h mgpLpAz ng gt0m. Tc oWiz!”

Text speak is understandable for me. A frilly message such as this one is a big NO-NO!

,.ndE scEnd poh Un,xE ilA2gAy qO xA fr!EndztEr un s0ng nA wAnnA bE,,n0od xE mhE ng myx…..nUh ul!t Un Ask m0h.?

Do I have to tell you that I stopped replying to her messages already? Well, I didn;t know what to reply. I couldn’t figure out what her message was.

My phone fell for the 19th time if my memory serves me right. And it’s busted now. Finding the right cellphone for me is such a big task. There are thousands of mobile phones out there and I can’t just grab one as what other people can easily do. Buying something has always been a daunting task for me. From a bottle of cooking oil to a pair of shoes. So far, I narrowed down my choices to Motorola RAZR2 V9, Motorola Z10, and Motorola E8. Your help will be highly appreciated.