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The Maguindanao Massacre

November 26, 2009

If you haven’t heard of the election violence that happened in the southern part of the Philippines, either you are deaf, blind or disillusioned. If you are the latter, you are not to be blamed. A simple pick-pocketing case right in front of National Bureau of Investigation in broad daylight takes years to be solved if not totally forgotten.

The news is all over the country. From TV to the radio, blogs to newspapers. Every politician who has something to say about the horrific event has appeared on the TV. A state of emergency has been declared. Soldiers have been deployed.

The million-dollar question is…will justice be served?

The equally important answer is… NO FUKCING WAY JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!

What has happened to the following issues?

1. Poor drainage system in Metro Manila which heavily contributed to the flooding.

2. Greenbelt Rolex Store robbery in a high-end shopping mall at noon.

3. Extra-judicial executions.

4. Numerous capsizing cases of ships in just two years most notably the Princess of Stars (more than 800 people aboard were killed).

After the government had uttered the word “Heads will roll.”, these issues have died down and are now gone with the wind.


The latest death toll is now 57. Imagine how many more bodies will be exhumed.

57 dead bodies who will be forgotten after a week or so.


Whenever a politician speaks on TV, I turn away from the screen. Why would I want to hear lies that I have been hearing for more then 20 years?

Do you honestly think that our good-for-talking lawmakers, military and PNP  officials, and so on will do something about this tragedy aside from talking? If you, wake up now and embrace the reality which is NIGHTMARE!

Now, I have started a countdown. I want to know how many days will pass until every body in the country fully forgets the incident. I am guessing it will be 2 weeks. Then Filipinos resume forwarding jokes through their cell phones.

PS: After months, the Chinese government have executed people responsible for the tainted-milk scandal and the ethnic violence in Urumqi, China. Now, that’s what I call “Heads rolling”